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Legendary Tournament Lv.1



Level HP
Legendary Round Legend 6 4,800
Crystal Round Legend 9


Reward:  2 Gem template and 6,000 Gold Bar Icon

Use a Lv 8 Flame Dragon and a Lv 8 Ice Dragon . Also use a Lv 10 Paladin Dragon . If you can't, then use a Lv 10 Tropical dragon. Do not use physical attacks, use elemental attacks instead.

Legendary Tournament Lv.2

Dragon Weakness Level HP


Round Legend 9 5,700
Wind Round Legend 12 6,600

Reward: 2 Gem template and 12,000 Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: If you have a very high (15 - 20) Level Pure Dark Dragon , you can do a lot of damage, but beware, it will also take a lot of damage. Besides that, use your highest level, highest HP Dragons. Use a Pure Metal  with your strongest attacks that are not normal/fighting. In this level, one possible strategy is use an level 15 or higher Pure Ice Dragon, or other Pure Terra Dragon over level 15 and then defeat a weakened Wind Dragon with a Legendary Dragon . If you don't have Pure Dragons, use Rare Hybrid Dragons such as Gummy , Soccer , Armadillo , or Pirate with high HP (it should be Level 10+ or trained Rare Hybrid Dragons).

Legendary Tournament Lv.3

Dragon Weakness Level HP
Crystal Round Legend 18 10,428
Mirror Round Legend 20 11,894

Reward: 2 Gem template and 18,000Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Use Pure Metal  if you have it. Going in with 3 Level 20 Legend Dragons will end this quick even if they attack first. If not, go with dragons with high HP, Such as Armadillo or Cool Fire.  Also, don't use Physical moves as they will have weak effect.

Legendary Tournament Lv.4

Dragon Weakness Level HP
Wind Round Legend 25 15718
Mirror Round Legend 27 17304

Reward: 2 Gem template and 24,000Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Use Legend Dragons if you have them, or use Pure Dragons such as Pure Dark Dragons[1]with Black Hole at Lv.20 with three GOLD stars. Avoid using Physical attacks as they have weak effect.

Legendary Tournament Lv.5

Dragonn Weakness Level HP
Wind Round Legend 28 18108
Mirror Round Legend 29 18920

Reward: 2 Gem template and 30,000Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Remember to not use any physical attacks as they do little damage.

Use Legend dragons like crystal or legendary with Legend Spell. You will have three dragons so winning the battle is very easy. If you have pure dragons, use them with Strong attacks like Pure Light. Your dragons should have a good rank like 2 or 3 star Gold otherwise this battle is little difficult  

Your dragons at minimum should be at least level 15.

Legendary Tournament Lv.6

Dragon Weakness Level HP
Legendary Round Legend 29 18920
Crystal Round Legend 30 19739

Reward: 2 Gem template and 36,000Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: DO NOT use physical atacks! They have weak effect! Use Legendary and Cool fire and you will finish this battle easily.

Overall Strategy

Do NOT use PHYSICAL attacks, as all legend dragons will take half damage.

Be careful using Legend Dragons, they can deal double damage on other legendaries, but they take double damage too.

If you have two Legend dragons, this is a very simple task. Since Legendary Tournament only have two Legend dragons, put any dragon at first round for decoy, second and third round must use Legendaries. Because you have decoy so your Legendaries always attack first, and opponent can only use Legendary Wind, that'll never defeat you if you're at least same Level. As long as your Legend dragons have the same Level with opponent, you'll win for sure.

At Level 15 a Legendary or Crystal can use Rainbow Attack that can take down Level 18 Legendaries in one hit, in other word, if your Legendaries have Rainbow Attack and get attack first, they can win Legendaries that have 3 Level higher than them. And if your Legendary or Crystal trained Legend Spell, they can even defeat any Level 30 Legendaries in one hit no matter what Level of your dragon.A high Level Mirror Dragon with Aurora Borealis Trained can do high damage too!  If you have a pure dragon or a pure element dragon on the same lvl as the enemy legend, always win, even without stars. Just by train dragon

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