Hover over the icons under "Damage" to see list of attacks.

Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Mirror Dragon 18 Round Legend 10,428
Round Physical 3,463
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 3,408
  • Round Legend Legendary Wind: 3,636
  • Round Legend Rainbow: 4,367
  • Round Physical Judo Kick: 3,463
Legendary Dragon 21 Round Legend 12,642
Round Legend 5,018
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 4,059
  • Round Legend Legendary Wind: 4,287
  • Round Legend Paralyzing Spell: 4,433
  • Round Legend Rainbow: 5,018
Wind Dragon 20 Round Legend 11,894
Round Physical 3,891
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 3,836
  • Round Legend Legendary Wind: 4,065
  • Round Legend Paralyzing Spell: 4,211
  • Round Physical Judo Kick: 3,891

Reward:  2 Gem template and 18000 Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Use Pure Metal  if you have it. Going in with 3 Level 20 Legend Dragons will end this quick even if they attack first. If not, go with dragons with high HP, Such as Armadillo or Cool Fire.  Also, don't use Physical moves as they will have weak effect.

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