Hover over the icons under "Damage" to see list of attacks.

Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Deep Forest Dragon 36 Round TerraRound Ice 21,261
Round Nature 7,884
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 6,705
  • Round Terra Meteor Shower: 7,299
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 6,925
  • Round Nature Leaf Blast: 7,884
Blue Dragon 39 Round FlameRound War 23,498
Round Metal 8,658
  • Round Sea Storm: 8,658
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 7,698
  • Round Metal Rust: 8,658
  • Round Flame Nuclear Hit: 8,658
Block Dragon 36 Round SeaRound Light 21,261
Round Dark 7,884
  • Round Physical Stunning Hit: 6,815
  • Round Electric Laser Beam: 7,299
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 6,925
  • Round Dark Ghost Cloud: 7,884

Reward:  2 Gem template and 34500 Gold Bar Icon

At minimum your dragons should be at level 20 and it's always good to have Rank Stars.

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