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Dragon Lvl Weakness HP Damage
Waterfall Dragon 28 Round MetalRound War 11,668
Round Sea 4,869
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 3,690
  • Round Terra Earthquake: 4,138
  • Round Physical Stunning Hit: 3,800
  • Round Sea Storm: 4,869
Cactus Dragon 28 Round MetalRound War 12,956
Round Nature 5,239
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 4,060
  • Round Terra Meteor Shower: 4,654
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 4,280
  • Round Nature Leaf Blast: 5,239
Chameleon Dragon 29 Round MetalRound War 13,536
Round Electric 5,426
  • Round Physical Hard Charge: 4,248
  • Round Terra Meteor Shower: 4,841
  • Round Physical Head Butt: 4,467
  • Round Electric Electric Shock: 5,426

Reward:  2 Gem template and 25,000 Gold Bar Icon

Strategy: Use this dragons: Petroleum Dragon level 30, Cool Fire Dragon level 30 , and Gummy Dragon level 30.

Use Gummy Dragon first with Poison Ivy to lower Waterfall's HP. Use Cool Fire with Snow Storm to defeat Waterfall Dragon. Finally, use Petroleum Dragon with his strongest water attack to defeat both Chameleon and Cactus Dragon.

Or, you can use rare hybrid dragons like Cool Fire Dragon (not for Waterfall Dragon or Chameleon Dragon), Soccer Dragon and Armadillo Dragon (This will be a hard fight if your dragons aren't at least level 20 and ranked up with stars).

Dragon Level
Petroleum Dragon 30
Cool Fire Dragon 30
Gummy Dragon 30

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