Summer Calendar

This event has expired on 24 Aug 2015 06:00:00 +0000.

Summer Calendar day10

Summer Calendar is a Calendar that offers daily gifts and chests from 14/8/2015 to 23/8/2015.


*Start 14 August 2015

*Duration 10 days

*End 23 August 2015

Gifts @ Lvl 55 / Lvl 99 Edit

Day Gift Gift Type Chest Hint
1 3 Gem template Gems N/A  ?
2 88000 Food gon

99999 Food gon

Food Bronze Chest The more decorations the better ! Tomorrow is decoration day in this calendar
3 Atlantis Fountain Decorations N/A FREE GEMS. Those words are music to your ears so tomorrow... free gems!
4 3 Gem template Gems Silver Chest There's a free dragon coming and it will arrive TOMORROW!
5 Surf Dragon Dragon N/A Come back tomorrow for fancy, shiny, free gems
6 3 Gem template Gems N/A A free dragon tomorrow!
Make sure you don't miss it!
7 Ukulele Dragon Dragon Gold Chest Free gems tomorrow, free gems tomorrow, free gems tomorrow!
8 4 Gem template Gems N/A If you want to know what tomorrow's prize is you'll have to come tomorrow!
1M Gold Bar Icon
Gold N/A Free gems is never a bad thing so come tomorrow so come tomorrow to get some!
10 5 Gem template Gems Diamond Chest Congrats! You've finished the Summer Calendar! Stay tunned for the Back to School Calendar !


  • Released 14, June 2015.
  • Prior to 20 August 2015 you could tap on the lower part of the cloud between Main and Ice Islands to open the calendar, after Farm Island ended the event Island appeared in that location.
  • Bronze Chest available at Day 2. (1,319,413 Gold Bar Icon & 549,755 Food gon) @ Lvl 99
  • Silver Chest available at Day 4. (1,429,365 Gold Bar Icon, 714,682 Food gon, & Dragon Hedge decoration) @ Lvl 99
  • Gold Chest available at Day 7. (30 Gem template) (40 Gem template @ Lvl 55)
  • Diamond Chest available at Day 10. (15 Gem template & Double Sea Dragon)


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