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The Dungeon is a Quest Event that allows you to win the Dungeon Habitat, Cerberus Dragon, and Demon Dragon


  • The Cerberus is now added to the rewards, at the start of the release this dragon didn't have an swf/thumbs and used test/placeholder data.
  • To get keys, you don't actually need to share on your wall.  Just clicking on the key and clicking the x to close the window is enough.
  • After completing the first section of the quest, the dungeon keys stop spawning and are replaced with the regular golden trees, lost baby elf, lost baby unicorn, and snail wizards.
  • So far, this is the only Quest that's not re-appeared.


  • Into The Dark background
  • The Deeps background
  • The Guardian background
  • Final Battle background
  • Dungeon background
  • Dungeon Into The Dark Buttom
  • Dungeon The Deeps Buttom
  • Dungeon The Guardian Buttom
  • Dungeon Final Battle Buttom
  • Dungeon Into The Dark Flag Glow
  • Dungeon Into The Dark Flag Normal
  • Dungeon The Deeps Flag Glow
  • Dungeon The Deeps Flag Normal
  • Dungeon The Guardian Flag Glow
  • Dungeon The Guardian Flag Normal
  • Dungeon Final Battle Flag Glow
  • Dungeon Final Battle Flag Normal

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