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Dungeon Island Full

Dungeon Island is a Quest Event. It is available for players level 5 and above. You can win the Dungeon Habitat, Specter Dragon, Demon Dragon, and Cerberus Dragon.


  • Start: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 10:00:00 +0000
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Ends: Sat, 10 May 2014 10:00:00 +0000

Required Items

Dungeon Habitat Quest

Specter Dragon Quest



Item Name Tooltip Dungeon Habitat Specter Dragon Quest Demon Dragon Quest Cerberus Dragon Quest Buy Item Gem template
Gold Bar Icon Gold Collect Gold from the habitats. 4x - - - *
Deus food Food Collect Food from farms. - 4x 4x 4x *
Dungeon Horn Horn Collect one every 12 hours. - - 2 x 3 -
SkullDungeon Skull Defeat Dungeon Minions (Fight Opponents from the Battle Map) 3 x 4 4 x 4 - 6 x 3 70
PVPDungeon Shield Win Combat World (PVP) battles. 4 x 3 - 6 x 4 -
DungeonCrown Crown Collect every minute of breeding. - 1000 x 4 - 2000 x 3

* The amount of Gold Bar Icon and Food gon needed will depend of your level. You can't buyout these slates, but you can spend gems to purchase Food or Gold.

If you are playing this event, join our discussion on Thread:191457.

Battle Map

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 Element TerraElement Dark Venom Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound MetalRound Light
2 Element DarkElement Flame Dark Fire Round TerraRound NatureRound Light Round MetalRound LightRound SeaRound Ice
3 Element FlameElement TerraElement Electric Crossfire Round SeaRound Electric Round SeaRound IceRound NatureRound DarkRound FlameRound Metal
4 Element ElectricElement Flame Hot Metal Round SeaRound Light Round FlameRound MetalRound SeaRound Ice
6 Element SeaElement Dark Hades Round FlameRound War Round FlameRound ElectricRound WarRound MetalRound Light
7 Element TerraElement Dark Hedgehog Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound MetalRound Light
8 Element PureElement Flame Pure Flame N/A N/ARound SeaRound Ice
9 Element FlameElement IceElement LightElement Dark Apocalypse Round SeaRound Electric Round SeaRound IceRound NatureRound WarRound ElectricRound DarkRound MetalRound Light
10 Element DarkElement Terra Bat Round TerraRound NatureRound Light Round MetalRound LightRound NatureRound Dark
11 Element PureElement Dark Pure Dark N/A N/ARound MetalRound Light
12 Element Legend Nirobi Round Legend Round Legend
13 Element WarElement Dark Dark Stone Round SeaRound Ice Round TerraRound SeaRound MetalRound Light
14 Element WarElement Flame Juggernaut Round SeaRound Ice Round TerraRound SeaRound SeaRound Ice
15 Element WarElement Pure Kratus Round SeaRound Ice Round TerraRound SeaN/A
16 Element WarElement Terra Colossal Round SeaRound Ice Round TerraRound SeaRound NatureRound Dark
17 Element MetalElement TerraElement IceElement Flame Forge Round ElectricRound Dark Round TerraRound IceRound NatureRound DarkRound NatureRound WarRound SeaRound Ice
18 Element LightElement DarkElement IceElement Flame Abyss Round NatureRound Dark Round ElectricRound DarkRound MetalRound LightRound NatureRound WarRound SeaRound Ice


The following information is from the first time this event was released.


  • The Cerberus is now added to the rewards, at the start of the release this dragon didn't have an swf/thumbs and used test/placeholder data.
  • To get keys, you don't actually need to share on your wall.  Just clicking on the key and clicking the x to close the window is enough.
  • After completing the first section of the quest, the dungeon keys stop spawning and are replaced with the regular golden trees, lost baby elf, lost baby unicorn, and snail wizards.
  • Appeared for second time on April 30, 2014.


  • Into The Dark background
  • The Deeps background
  • The Guardian background
  • Final Battle background
  • Dungeon background
  • Dungeon Into The Dark Buttom
  • Dungeon The Deeps Buttom
  • Dungeon The Guardian Buttom
  • Dungeon Final Battle Buttom
  • Dungeon Into The Dark Flag Glow
  • Dungeon Into The Dark Flag Normal
  • Dungeon The Deeps Flag Glow
  • Dungeon The Deeps Flag Normal
  • Dungeon The Guardian Flag Glow
  • Dungeon The Guardian Flag Normal
  • Dungeon Final Battle Flag Glow
  • Dungeon Final Battle Flag Normal

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