• Called The Dungeon, each part is unlocked when the previous parts are completed.
  • You do not need to compete prerequisite parts to buy the prizes for gems.
  • Gold and food costs are scaled by level.

WARNING: Completing the 1st quest will give you the Dungeon Habitat, however, it counts against your habitat limit (the habitat limit changes by level; the current maximum is 38 for level 40 and above). That would not be a problem if the habitat could be stored - as of June 13th, 2013, it can not.

The only way it can be stored is if you have the maximum number of habitats when you complete Stage 2.

The GameEdit

# Name Rewards
1 Into The Dark Dungeon Base
2 The Deeps Dungeon Habitat
3 The Guardian Cerberus Dragon
4 Final Battle Demon Dragon


After each of the chapters are completed, a blub of story text replaces the buy out button.

Into the DarkEdit

At the beginning, the brothers lived in peace.

The DeepsEdit

Deus wanted to create his own dragon, and so he did it. Darkus was jealous.

The GuardianEdit

Darkus used his anger to create the Demon Dragon, protected by the guardian, Cerebus.

Final BattleEdit

Time has come to fight. Known Bug

There is a known bug involving placement of the Dungeon Habitat called "docking".

This bug happens when you move the Dungeon Habitat onto one of you 4 main islands. Once there, it can not be moved back. See the Docking Tab for more information on this developing issue.

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