Part 1Edit

Prize: Dungeon Base

The dungeon base is a placeholder for the Dungeon Habitat. For more information on this, see Habitat/Island.
Dungeon Base

Part 2Edit

Prize: Dungeon Habitat

This habitat is the home of the Cerberus and Demon dragons. They feel incredibly cossy at this cursed place.

Name Alt Display Elem Player Level Xp template Dragon Amount Max Gold Bar Icon Build Time
Dungeon Habitat Dark Element Alt Display Demon Element Habitat Round Dark N/A 250,000 3 50,000 24 Hours

The Dungeon Habitat has the same stats as a Big Sea Habitat but is Dark Elemental and off-shore.

Storing the HabitatEdit

If you have the maximum number of habitats, the Dungeon Habitat will go to storage instead of replacing the Dungeon Base. For more information and a video, see the Habitat Tab.
Stored habitat

Part 3Edit

Also known as The Guardian, the Cerberus Dragon protects the dungeons and the treasures inside them. He has a lot of spare time during his guards so he enjoys playing Rock 'n' Roll.'thumb|link=

For completing Part 3 of the quest, you will recieve the Cerberus Dragon after you defeat him with the Archangel Dragon.

Part 4Edit

The realm of dragons has it's own mystique side. It is said that the Demon Dragon appears on the nightmares of the other dragons.thumb|link=File:Demon_Dragon_3.png

For completing Part 4 of the quest, you will recieve the Demon Dragon after you defeat him with the Archangel Dragon.


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