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    Visit the Poo Dragon page first before asking any questions about breeding.

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    • Moved to Q&A board. Was already ask an fell times: Topic:Poo Dragon. The Breeding page is probaly the first one that can help. Secondly here an fell tips:

      • Poo exist out earth, water and dark
      • In order to breed poo all 3 of his element are required. So your almost forced to breed with hybrids.
      • Poo can be hard to get since 2 of his elements are opposites.
      • It seem that the best results come with breeding an water/dark rare hybrid with an earth dragon.
      • Outside money poo isn't really fit for combat. Most people wait until they get an poo when breeding two legendary dragons together.
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    • dragon with category 1 - 2 is not fit for combat, it will quickly lose when faced to category 3/5.

      since poo is rare dragon. to get rare dragon you must need opposite type on 2 hybrid dragon like ???/sea + dark/???.

      is seems love dragon is rare dragon too since second and third type is opposite ... is like poo dragon.

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    • It all depense on the starting hp. Poo was only 1650 if I remember but had massive earning.

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    • ja zmutowałam wind dragon i crystal dragon i wyszedł poo dragon

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    • Would a waterfall dragon work as a replacement for the mud dragon in the mud + pirate/petroleum/octopus combination?

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    • Got Poo on my 5th attempt, by breeding Pure Dragon + Dark Dragon. I was trying to get Pure Dark Dragon but hence i got that Poo :)

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    • i just breed pure and pure

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    • i think it's mud + dark

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    • terra and petroulum

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    • legendary and dark 

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    • Poo dragon = wind dragon + dark dragon

      It's easy :)

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    • legendary and earth,worked for me on first try

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    • wrote:
      legendary and dark 

      weak !

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    • poo dragon is need terra, sea and dark element so, you must used dragon is have that type.

      legend + legend is possible to get rare dragon

      pure + elemental (terra/sea/dark), is possible to get rare

      e/d + s, e/w + d, d/w + e, d/e + ?/s, s/e + ?/d (?= any type is not opposite)

      better chance to get poo is used hybrid (on first type is must terra type, on second type is sea or dark) + elemental.

      actually system is still continued generate into triplex type. since no dragon is have triple type except unique dragon. like :

      sea/dark + flame/ice :

      stage 1 :

      containing : sea/flame

      containing : sea/ice

      only on stage one, it will check on opposite list.

      stage 2 :

      containing : dark/flame

      containing : dark/ice

      stage 3 :

      containing : sea/flame/ice

      containing : dark/flame/ice

      containing : flame/sea/dark

      containing : ice/sea/dark

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    • But that wouldn't make sence since than for example breed sea/terra + sea/dark. Wouldn't be possible and L & R would make an differents...

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    • opposite list is always see on first type. */any */any, system will try combine on first type * + * = */* , if is listed on opposite, it will stop.

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    • That's funny so:

      • sea/terra + sea/dark cannot result an rare dragon
      • sea/dark + sea/terra can result an rare dragon

      So L and R does have effect on breeding.

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    • .....

      i mean first type on every dragon jens ....

      sea/dark + terra/dark --> is possible to get rare

      sea/dark + dark/metal --> you will get sea only

      sea/terra + sea/dark --> possible to get rare

      L or R is not have any effect.

      if opposite type is placed on second type like flame/sea + ice/dark, sea/flame + ice/dark. is possibilty will get rare. if is placed on first type like sea/dark + dark/terra , it will never get rare dragon. because on first cycle type is was opposite sea/dark or dark/sea (is make left or right side is no have any effect, for now), if is match with opposite list, breeding process will stopped, and you will get elemental dragon only.

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    • Well that was in fact the question I asked... nvm thx for clearing this out ;)

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    • One last question. Why only sea?:

      • sea/dark + dark/metal --> you will get sea only
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    • is just on my test, i only get sea dragon.... but idk

      sea/dark + dark/metal 

      cycle 1 : sea+dark, it will check dark type is from first type or not. if is from second type it will continued, if not it will result sea dragon.

      if you try swap that.

      dark/metal + sea/dark

      it will different, you will get 100 % dark. 

      i think L or R is no have any effect on end result, is just affected on order of type cycle only.

      on short : if in Left dragon on first type is sea, and on Right dragon on first type is dark type.

      when on first type cycle is sea meet dark, if is listed on opposite list, it will end with you got single first type from left dragon.

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    • Still the result is different even if it's only the order. If the list stop generating during the calculation it makes an differents I gues. That also no explanes why you don't get dark/metal or sea/metal hybrids from the combination.

      I'm also curious now if soccer and cool fire dragon can result into another hybrid after looking to these results...

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    • Jens Ingels wrote:
      Still the result is different even if it's only the order. If the list stop generating during the calculation it makes an differents I gues. That also no explanes why you don't get dark/metal or sea/metal hybrids from the combination.

      I'm also curious now if soccer and cool fire dragon can result into another hybrid after looking to these results...

      remember legend type is need 2 rare dragon. if that condition meet, legend type dragon will added.

      a. coolfire (f/i) + soccer (i/f) --> you will get only flame dragon.

      b. soccer (i/f) + coolfire (f/i) --> you will get only ice dragon.

      since both are listed on rare dragon. legendary, mirror, wind , crystall will added on list (is not on type cycle process, is was on generate a dragon process)

      if you used combination a it will got flame (1), legend type dragon. on that condition if you increase level is just make chance of flame dragon is more higher than legend type dragon. so if you used that dragon is not recommend used higher level.

      if you used combination b, since ice dragon is have same difficult as legend type dragon. so you can used higher level. 

      so result : soccer + coolfire is better on chance than you used coolfire+soccer. but coolfire+soccer is more better save time than soccer+coolfire.

      L/R side is not affected on all combination. so i can say is not affected at all process.

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    • breeding is have 4 process.

      1. type cycle. (is have 3 stage) if is opposite, it will generate one elemental dragon only (is from first type Left dragon). is just generate type only

      2. checking condition

      - if both dragon from combination is rare or legend, it will added dragon from list (is stored on user info config.

      - if both L/R is have same species dragon, that species it will added. (just flame + flame = flame)

      3. array list from process 2 it will filled on slot.

      4. deus vault. if that combination is matched on formula deus vault. is depend on list.

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    • Nice, I only have trouble with understanding the checking condition:

      • How would the earning rate decrease the chance from the combination coolfire (f/i) + soccer (i/f). Flame is listed in dificulty 2 and Legend dragons i dificulty dragon so in fact increasing the level would just increase the chance on dificulty 3 isn't it? Or are you reffering to an rating below the 49 when all slots are unlocked on default?
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    • well ... i will re-explain it again:

      if you breed Flame/Dark as A + Sea/Ice as B.

      L = A, (12,8), difficult 2, lv 12

      R = B (5/3),  difficult 3, lv 9

      Process 1 (i called this as type cycle) :

      Stage 1 : Flame + Sea. (if is not opposite, just continued that into stage 3, if is matched with opposite, this process will stopped and you will get one type (is from first type of left dragon) only)
      ..... (on process one is only generated type combination only)

      Process 2 (checking condition) :

      • if A and B, both of them is listed on rare dragon / legend dragon ?. if yes, dragon on rare list or legend list will be added on array list. (that list is stored on user info config (note: you can't find that on cache)).
      • if L and R is have same species dragon like wind + wind. is possibility to get wind. and it will added on array list, just remember flame + flame = flame.
      • if L/R is legend type or pure type. it will added elemental /hybrid / rare dragon on array list. (for legend, is can be different species or same species, for pure + pure you will get pure 100 %)
      • if is pure elemental + any, just read pure elemental as 2 type: pure and elemental. it will generate elemental, hybrid , rare (is matched with what element pure have) ... (if is pure flame, if you combined with non pure like pure flame + coolfire (f/i), other hybrid/elemental/rare dragon is have type ice or flame (is from coolfire))
      • pure + pure elemental , is possibility to get pure too since pure + (pure + elemental), just remember pure + pure = pure, flame + flame = flame. is possible to get pure elemental.
      • to get legend you need 2 rare hybrid. to get pure you need 2 legend type.
      • to get pure elemental, you need pure + elemental or pure elemental + pure elemental.
      • if is flame/flame (from process one), just make them only flame.
      • if A / B is pure elemental, just divide them into 2 type, after devide into 2 type, just re-doing process 1 only 1 times.

      Process 3 :

      • we already get list what type must be generated from process one. System will search and matched what dragon, if is found it will added on array list too. like flame/dark, it will search matched type with them, flame/dark is same as dark/flame.
      • after get dragon list, combined with temporary array list (is from process 2).
      • Lets generate rate point from A and B. after calculate RP A and RP B, just A+B = RPT.
      • After got RPT, just checking on difficult slot.
      • After checking what slot is open, and filled that slot with array list dragon randomly. (random : based off internal id dragon).
      • after slot was filled, just remove uncheck slot.
      • after remove uncheck slot, system will randomly pick slot id , what dragon you will get. that after you click a button. and is stored on user info config.

      Process 4:

      • is new system. Deus Vault it allow you get unique dragon from breeding. is have specific combination to get them, but on deus vault just give a type hint only.
      • This system still buggy
      • If that combination is matched with DV list, dragon on difficult slot list it will divided. if is 100 % to get unique dragon, you will get 100 % unique dragon. if is 70 %, 30 % chance you will get dragon from difficult rate list, 70 % unique dragon.
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    • uhm also is only on breedable only. if is not breedable, it will be ignore (is not added on array list) if type is matched.

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    • Wow, that was some hard reading stuff. I think I start to understand the system. Thx for this wonderfull info. I hope I now can prevent posting false breeding information now :)

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    • poo dragon? just breed crystal dragon and the mud dragon first try,dont use boost if you dont get it, second try use the boost

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    • what happens if I breed poo + poo? Are there changes to get another poo easier?

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    • Guys i just got a poo dragon 1st try with Pure and Dark!!Without boost[i never use btw] ;)

      Good luck too all  :)

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    • I believe pure dark dragon was located in dificulty 2. The breeding boost would only decrease your chance if your rating is higher than 230.

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    • Umm The reason i got poo dragon is.. 1st! i level up my crystal level 10 just like the level my earth has...2nd!  i breed and breed earth and crystal dragon.. 3rd! i thought the result was pure earth but look! Poo dragon

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    • it didnt work

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    • im rohan

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