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Weaknesses Table

  • Weaknesses Table:

    Terra> Nature,Dark 

    Flame> Sea, Ice

    Sea> Flame, Electric

    Nature> Dark, Electric

    Electric> Flame, Metal

    Ice> Terra, Nature

    Metal> Terra, Ice

    Dark> Metal, Sea

    Legend> Legend

    Pure> N/A

    Pure Flame> Flame

    Pure Metal> Metal

    Note: If you want to Weak table works, defending Dragon need to have first Element (Ex. Dark- Sea) who is weak to Attacking element.

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    • U forgot:

      Legend> Physical

      Pure> Pure

      Pure Flame> Pure Flame

      Pure Metal> Pure Metal

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    • You known we have an template for this:


      Image display


      Word display



      Image display


      Word display

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    • Hoanganhminh wrote:
      U forgot:

      Legend> Physical

      Pure> Pure

      Pure Flame> Pure Flame

      Pure Metal> Pure Metal

      This is a Weaknesses table, not weak.

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    • so helpful...thanks

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    • In fact if you check both values you can come out with the perfect primary element to counter against the dragon. For example:

      • Againt terra (both metal as ice or good counters)
      • For Terra Round MetalRound War < Round TerraRound FlameRound Electric
      • For Metal Round ElectricRound Dark < Round TerraRound MetalRound Flame

      If exist you can calculate the second element for example dark

      Round MetalRound Light

      So you can results it's better to use the primary element terra with metal (armadillo in this case).

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