• so i was reading on the wiki that the aztec dragon was breedable (when exactly i can't recall precisely) but someone had a discussion started about how to breed one..someone replied saying the spicy and tropical dragons are the right dragons to use..any confirmation to said dragons being used?

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    • Well on default all exclusive dragons are breedable. But the % or located on an heavy secured part of their server. So secured they really want that we want to see them as an luck factor rather than an chance. So they could change it for an fell hours to 0%. We would never known since it's server side. They really have an hugh controle about this factor. They simply reduce the % when they see an exclusive dragon is bred to many times.

      The combination of breeding an aztec is similar when breeding for an regular hybrid. In the case of Element TerraElement Flame Aztec. He exist out the elements terra and flame. So the most logical option would be breeding and terra and flame dragon over and over again.

      Currently the aztec dragon is removed from the shop. So I believe they remove the dragon from the shop when the % is reduced up to an certain amount or they just removed them from the shop so people will give less tries to breed him. I think I will pm them in the future for this. I really hope they did it this way because I like it.

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