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Sapphire Cup Lv.6

  • Aww, anyone has a strategy?! I am stucking there for 1 month.

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    • And I have no dragons higher than Level 15.

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    • lol try to feed ur dragon at least 25 ( I think ) so u can beat them

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    • Dragon must have to be lv 20, and silver star(s) or gold star(s) are always good

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    • Also legend dragons have better chance to win

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    • My most powerful dragons are Crystal and Wind, both are Lv.15 with 3 gold stars.

      -Punjipoyjeenponja (not logged in)

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    • for the first fight maybe use a cool fire dragon. lvl 15, and trained ice attack. it should be able to defeat butterfly with 2 the same time, butterfly can only use physical attacks agains cool fire, so cool fire should survive into the second match - in which it will die after the first attack, but you get the first attack. so you need dragons that can defeat a pure in 3 rounds (~6.500 average damage) and withstand their attacks for 3 rounds (probably about 20.000 life needed).

      a second approach needs a pure dragon: a pure can eat butterfly in one round AND survive a few hits from the second dragon.

      thus... try to get a pure. level it as high as possible and it will eat butterfly and almost one of the pures. your 2 legendaries should suffice to beat the last "1.5" pures.

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    • So, what will you recommend me to use? (It will be good if I don't have to level up dragons to more than lv.15.

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    • I defeat it with Cool Fire lvl 19 (3 gold stars), mirror lv20 (3 gold stars) and legendary lv20 (1 gold star)

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    • In that order too

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    • Aww! I used,

      • Pure Ice Lv.15 (1 Gold Star, trained Cryogenic Freeze)
      • Wind Lv.15 (3 Gold Stars, trained Aurora Borealis)
      • Crystal Lv.15 (3 Gold Stars, trained Legend Spell)

      And I failed everytime.

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    • pure ice? i.e. you have a pure then (or how did you get the pure ice?). feed your pure. it's worth it. i have a lvl 24 pure dragon with 3 gold stars: >20k life, in average almost 10k damage per attack. with some luck it can eat a lvl 30 pure dragon with 2 hits.

      if you won it via daily shuffle or otherwise.... uh, then i don't know. i don't like the idea of feeding these dragons neither, but you should really get past that tournament, otherwise your gem income is stunted. every time you fail, you basically lose 2 gems....

      don't know your dragons' HP, but for the last tournament, which repeats forever, it helps a lot to have a 3star legendary with ~15k health. pump your crystal until it has that much life and try again....

      if you don't want to waste food into THESE dragons, that's ok thinking. if you don't want to waste food in GENERAL (because of the dugneon event?), then .... waste your food! each won tournament translates roughly into 1/6th food slot. so for stage 2, instead of paying 300k you can pay with 12 gems. if you pump 375k food into your dragons and as a result overcome this obstacle at least 3 days earlier than otherwise, then it's a good investment (of course you need a working strategy for the last tournament - which, basically, is easier than this one). if you think of the later stages, then this investment becomes even better, as then 12gems are worth 750k or 1.4M ....

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    • Well, if I feed Pure Ice to lv.20 I will win this combat. So this is my last way.

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    • A Fandom user
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