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How to breed crystal dragon ?

  • I have a lvl 15 soccer, lvl 12 coolfire, lvl 8 gummy, lvl 8 armadillo, etc. Can someone tell me what are the combinations, dragons ? Can i get it with those dragons ? or do i need to use other dragons ?

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    • All you need to breed them is :

      • A working Brain
      • Dragon City
      • And the most important : See the Crystal Dragon page.
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    • i wanted some kind of confirmation whether i can get it or not as the page list the dragons but not the formula. Also, i checked some topics around the forum, and it seems the level of the dragons are also part of the account, in which i need information about and no, it was not on the crystal dragon page.

      Secondly, one the points i read at the beginning was to be nice, in which i did by asking question nicely and add some useful information. And what i get is a sarcastic answer.

      anyway, i appreciate the answer, respond. But i reckon it's better for you to just ignore my question if you only wanted to be sarcastic.

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    • Well I wanted to answer is a funny way :P You took it as sarcastic ....

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    • Prajay wrote:
      All you need to breed them is :
      • A working Brain
      • Dragon City
      • And the most important : See the Crystal Dragon page.

      You forgot to mention a working computer, an internet connection, and the ability to opperate a mouse.


      Do you know how many breeding questions we delete a day?  Probably about 50.  Yes, the info you want is all in the wiki.  It's your responsibility to read.  If you had read any of the numerous posts here on the forum, you'll understand how to breed a legend.

      Here's the short answer.  Breed any two rare hybrids for a chance at one of the 4 legend dragons (of which crystal is one).  You have to try a lot just to get one, and you have to keep trying a bunch more to get the one you want.

      The level of the parents is a factor, but not a significant one.  Min lvl 4 to breed.  I think having higher level parents increases the chances SLIGHTLY.

      Frankly, you should thank prajay for answering your question at all.  If I had found it first, I would have deleted it.  Remember, we don't get paid for this.

      See also:



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