• Someone I'm supposed to battle has the crystal dragon...but he is only level 20 & u can't get the habitat until your level 24. How can I beat this person without a legendary dragon?

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    • Just bring your high HP dragon and beat it. Crystal doesn't have a critical attack against any other dragon than another legend. So breathe easy.

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    • I never loses any fight against legendry dragons with my Armadillo...:)

      best of luck

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    • Crystal Dragon:

      Weakness & Critical Attack:Legendary Drgaons

      Normal:All Dragons except Legenadry Dragons


      1.) Level up Dragons.Leveling up Dragons can deal higher value of HP and Attack.

      2.) Train Dragons.Training Dragons can deal more exotic and higher value of Attack.

      3.) Accept Being Loser.This thing also a big help to know the dragons what is the Weakness.

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    • i beat a legendary and crystal using the blizzard,cloud and nenufar

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    • he probably got the habitat when it was avalible for lvl 18

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