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How to breed pirate dragon ?

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  • CyBeRdrgn
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    Housekeeping : Pre-LaW
    06:12, September 13, 2013
    • Topic fixed.Pirate, being Dark/Sea is breedable by any two Sea and Dark hybrids.

      Read Breeding/Combinations/Dark for more info.

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    • They are both unbreedable because Dark is critical on Sea. Anyway, you can get it from daily bonus or by breeding Dark with a Sea hybrid or Sea with a Dark hybrid. :)

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    • @MyLittleDragon: The Pirate Dragon is impossible to breed using Elemental Dragons (Sea Dragon + Dark Dragon; or Dark Dragon + Sea Dragon -- the order doesn't matter), BUT it is possible to breed a Sea Hybrid with a Dark Hybrid. The only way to get a Pirate Dragon or a Petroleum Dragon is by breeding a Sea Hybrid with a Dark Hybrid. You cannot get a Pirate Dragon by breeding with a Sea Dragon + Dark Hybrid, nor with a Sea Hybrid + Dark Dragon any more, because of the recent changes in the breeding system.

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    • Nmtan
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      12:33, June 30, 2013
      This reply has been removed
      >>>>>>>> How to breed Pirate <<<<<<<< made by Nguyễn Tân :D
      Petroleum      L7=30  + Cloud          L7=23  Total=53  40.00%
      Petroleum      L7=30  + Mercury        L7=22  Total=52  40.00%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=50  40.00%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Pirate         L4=23  Total=54  40.00%
      Pirate         L6=33  + Cloud          L6=20  Total=53  40.00%
      Pirate         L6=33  + Mercury        L6=19  Total=52  40.00%
      Petroleum      L5=22  + Seashell       L5=28  Total=50  40.00%
      Petroleum      L6=26  + Blizzard       L6=26  Total=52  40.00%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=50  40.00%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=50  40.00%
      Zombie         L6=32  + Mercury        L6=19  Total=51  40.00%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Seashell       L5=28  Total=56  33.33%
      Zombie         L5=27  + Seashell       L5=28  Total=55  33.33%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Pirate         L5=28  Total=56  33.33%
      Zombie         L6=32  + Petroleum      L6=26  Total=58  33.33%
      Zombie         L5=27  + Pirate         L5=28  Total=55  33.33%
      Dark Fire      L5=38  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=60  28.57%
      Petroleum      L6=26  + Ice Cream      L6=26  Total=52  25.00%
      Petroleum      L4=18  + Coral          L4=36  Total=54  25.00%
      Pirate         L7=38  + Icecube        L7=15  Total=53  25.00%
      Petroleum      L8=34  + Icecube        L8=17  Total=51  25.00%
      Petroleum      L6=26  + Nenufar        L6=26  Total=52  25.00%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=50  25.00%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=50  25.00%
      Vampire        L6=33  + Cloud          L6=20  Total=53  20.00%
      Vampire        L6=33  + Mercury        L6=19  Total=52  20.00%
      Rattlesnake    L5=33  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=55  20.00%
      Penguin        L5=22  + Seashell       L5=28  Total=50  20.00%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=50  20.00%
      Penguin        L6=26  + Ice Cream      L6=26  Total=52  20.00%
      Penguin        L7=30  + Mercury        L7=22  Total=52  20.00%
      Zombie         L6=32  + Cloud          L6=20  Total=52  20.00%
      Zombie         L7=37  + Icecube        L7=15  Total=52  20.00%
      Penguin        L8=34  + Icecube        L8=17  Total=51  20.00%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Pirate         L4=23  Total=50  20.00%
      Penguin        L5=22  + Pirate         L5=28  Total=50  20.00%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Seashell       L4=23  Total=54  20.00%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Pirate         L4=23  Total=50  20.00%
      Dark Fire      L5=38  + Mercury        L5=16  Total=54  20.00%
      Pirate         L4=23  + Coral          L4=36  Total=59  20.00%
      Carnivore PlantL5=33  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=55  20.00%
      Penguin        L6=26  + Petroleum      L6=26  Total=52  20.00%
      Dark Fire      L5=38  + Cloud          L5=17  Total=55  16.67%
      Petroleum      L5=22  + Storm          L5=28  Total=50  16.67%
      Rattlesnake    L5=33  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=55  16.67%
      Carnivore PlantL5=33  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=55  16.67%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Seashell       L5=28  Total=56  16.67%
      Zombie         L6=32  + Ice Cream      L6=26  Total=58  16.67%
      Pirate         L4=23  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=50  16.67%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Coral          L4=36  Total=63  16.67%
      Zombie         L6=32  + Blizzard       L6=26  Total=58  16.67%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Coral          L4=36  Total=63  16.67%
      Dark Fire      L5=38  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=60  14.29%
      Penguin        L6=26  + Blizzard       L6=26  Total=52  13.33%
      Rattlesnake    L5=33  + Cloud          L5=17  Total=50  13.33%
      Penguin        L7=30  + Cloud          L7=23  Total=53  13.33%
      Zombie         L4=22  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=53  13.33%
      Pirate         L4=23  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=54  13.33%
      Venom          L4=27  + Pirate         L4=23  Total=50  13.33%
      Petroleum      L5=22  + Mud            L5=28  Total=50  13.33%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Mercury        L4=13  Total=53  13.33%
      Petroleum      L5=22  + Lantern Fish   L5=33  Total=55  13.33%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Storm          L5=28  Total=56  13.33%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=50  13.33%
      Neon           L4=31  + Storm          L4=23  Total=54  13.33%
      Neon           L4=31  + Pirate         L4=23  Total=54  13.33%
      Vampire        L7=38  + Icecube        L7=15  Total=53  13.33%
      Venom          L4=27  + Seashell       L4=23  Total=50  13.33%
      Carnivore PlantL5=33  + Cloud          L5=17  Total=50  13.33%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=50  13.33%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Storm          L4=23  Total=50  12.50%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=54  12.50%
      Rattlesnake    L6=39  + Icecube        L6=13  Total=52  12.50%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Storm          L4=23  Total=50  12.50%
      Penguin        L6=26  + Nenufar        L6=26  Total=52  12.50%
      Penguin        L4=18  + Coral          L4=36  Total=54  12.50%
      Carnivore PlantL6=39  + Icecube        L6=13  Total=52  12.50%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=54  12.50%
      Carnivore PlantL5=33  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=55  11.11%
      Venom          L6=39  + Mercury        L6=19  Total=58  11.11%
      Vampire        L4=23  + Coral          L4=36  Total=59  11.11%
      Neon           L4=31  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=58  11.11%
      Venom          L5=33  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=55  11.11%
      Pirate         L5=28  + Mud            L5=28  Total=56  11.11%
      Dark Fire      L6=45  + Icecube        L6=13  Total=58  11.11%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Petroleum      L4=18  Total=58  11.11%
      Zombie         L5=27  + Mud            L5=28  Total=55  11.11%
      Rattlesnake    L5=33  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=55  11.11%
      Venom          L4=27  + Mud            L4=23  Total=50  10.00%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Seashell       L4=23  Total=50  10.00%
      Rattlesnake    L5=33  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=55  10.00%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Storm          L4=23  Total=54  10.00%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Mud            L4=23  Total=50  10.00%
      Neon           L5=38  + Mercury        L5=16  Total=54  10.00%
      Vampire        L4=23  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=50  10.00%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Mud            L4=23  Total=50  10.00%
      Neon           L4=31  + Seashell       L4=23  Total=54  10.00%
      Carnivore PlantL5=33  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=55  10.00%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Seashell       L4=23  Total=50  10.00%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Pirate         L4=23  Total=63  9.52%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Seashell       L4=23  Total=63  9.52%
      Dark Fire      L5=38  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=60  9.52%
      Neon           L5=38  + Petroleum      L5=22  Total=60  9.52%
      Petroleum      L5=22  + Waterfall      L5=38  Total=60  9.52%
      Dark Fire      L5=38  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=60  9.52%
      Zombie         L6=32  + Nenufar        L6=26  Total=58  8.33%
      Zombie         L4=22  + Coral          L4=36  Total=58  8.33%
      Carnivore PlantL4=27  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=58  8.33%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Coral          L4=36  Total=67  8.33%
      Carnivore PlantL6=39  + Mercury        L6=19  Total=58  8.33%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=58  8.33%
      Rattlesnake    L6=39  + Mercury        L6=19  Total=58  8.33%
      Zombie         L5=27  + Storm          L5=28  Total=55  8.33%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Nenufar        L4=18  Total=58  8.33%
      Venom          L4=27  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=58  8.33%
      Neon           L5=38  + Cloud          L5=17  Total=55  8.33%
      Venom          L5=33  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=55  8.33%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Storm          L5=28  Total=56  8.33%
      Neon           L5=38  + Nenufar        L5=22  Total=60  8.33%
      Rattlesnake    L4=27  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=58  8.33%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Cloud          L4=14  Total=54  8.00%
      Penguin        L5=22  + Storm          L5=28  Total=50  8.00%
      Penguin        L5=22  + Mud            L5=28  Total=50  8.00%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Mud            L4=23  Total=54  8.00%
      Venom          L5=33  + Cloud          L5=17  Total=50  8.00%
      Vampire        L4=23  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=54  8.00%
      Venom          L6=39  + Icecube        L6=13  Total=52  8.00%
      Neon           L4=31  + Mud            L4=23  Total=54  8.00%
      Venom          L4=27  + Storm          L4=23  Total=50  8.00%
      Venom          L4=27  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=54  8.00%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=71  7.50%
      Zombie         L5=27  + Lantern Fish   L5=33  Total=60  7.14%
      Venom          L4=27  + Coral          L4=36  Total=63  7.14%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Mud            L4=23  Total=63  7.14%
      Neon           L5=38  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=60  7.14%
      Neon           L4=31  + Coral          L4=36  Total=67  7.14%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Coral          L4=36  Total=76  6.82%
      Vampire        L5=28  + Mud            L5=28  Total=56  6.67%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Ice Cream      L4=18  Total=58  6.67%
      Penguin        L5=22  + Lantern Fish   L5=33  Total=55  6.67%
      Venom          L5=33  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=55  6.67%
      Venom          L5=33  + Blizzard       L5=22  Total=55  6.67%
      Neon           L6=45  + Icecube        L6=13  Total=58  6.67%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Blizzard       L4=18  Total=58  6.67%
      Penguin        L5=22  + Waterfall      L5=38  Total=60  5.71%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Storm          L4=23  Total=63  5.71%
      Neon           L5=38  + Ice Cream      L5=22  Total=60  5.71%
      Neon           L4=31  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=62  5.71%
      Dark Fire      L4=31  + Waterfall      L4=31  Total=62  5.71%
      Hedgehog       L5=49  + Icecube        L5=11  Total=60  5.71%
      Hedgehog       L4=40  + Lantern Fish   L4=27  Total=67  5.00%
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    • Too long to read xD , but thanks anyway. xD

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    • @Nmtan: The rate not really correct, it's impossible to get Rare by breeding Hybrid+Basic (like Dark+Seashell)

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    • Sorry, forgot about adding Condition both parent must be hybrid in my programe. Edited already. Thanks for you comment :)

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    • mud lv10 + petroleum lv10 = plankton

      ow man..

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    • Petroleum and Petroleum

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    • Pirate is dificulty 2. If you want to breed Pirate effectively, you should use Zombie Dragon (Dark secondary) + Any Sea Hybrid => gives no dificulty 2 dragons but Pirate. The key of getting Pirate is making sure of total rate is about 50-54, no higher or lower. Then the chance will be 40% for every combination

      Example: Zombie + Waterfall, Seashell, Ice Cream, Icecube, Mud, Mercury
      Levels are adjusted to have the total rate of 50-54

      Petroleum + Petroleum = 40% chance too, but only if you have them

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    • Here this is the best combonations Neon (dark electric) + nenufar (water + plant)

      Pirate can also be bred from: Rattlesnake + lanternfish and neon + cloud. Ok so heres some good combos i got my pirate dragon from these, hope it helped!

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    • Thank you Zenthon22 those combos will help my friend breed a pirate. I have also heard though that the Neon + Nenufar combo can breed a petroluem dragon.

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    • np @baygirrly and not that i have heard the main recipie for the Petroluem dragon is Zombie + Mud (earth and water) dragons this combo is normaly around a 75-80 % succes rate for me and my friends.

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    • @Zenthon22, You're right! I've made this list a week ago, so far breeding Petroleum by using Zombie gives the highest chance ever than other dragons combinations

      See more at here Petroleum External Link

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    • Call me evil, but... I think it would be fun to start a few false rumours about breeding Cool Fire L4 with Soccer L4 to get Petroleum. xD

      I wonder how many would believe it...?

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    • woahahaha, I think they would know if we bluff. And it's against the wikia rules xD No no it's not good hahaha

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    • Think of all the Soccer Dragons and Legend Dragons they would end up with. xD

      And Cool Fire.

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    • I think this would be fun XD lol @CyBeRdrgn @Nmtan

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    • I didn't say anything. xD And like nmtan said, DON'T do it. :) I'll do it myself if I want to. haha You guys stay out of trouble.

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    • or you could try breeding legends

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      Please heelp mee

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    • Dark Dragon and Mud Dragon

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    • @Faza_izzuddin_nuha You can try Mud Dragon + Venom Dragon/Hedgehog Dragon => you may also get poo/pirate from this

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    • ohhh, thanks for help me :)

      Petroleum Dragon 1
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    • the pirate now is a normal hybrid so u can get it by breeding sea + dark and u may also get petroleum .. l hope that l helped u :D

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    • Emad.mohamed.90 yeah but if you breed Dark and Sea, you will just get Petroleum Dragon all the time. So you will breed Hybrids because Elementals won't work.

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    • dark an sea you can breeed them now light is opposite of dark and war the opposite of sea

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    • @Theannoyingkhen: It's just because you're unlucky. I got Pirate by breed Sea+Dark.

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    • Um SOME.

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    • I got a pirate the third time a bred plain sea and plan dark.

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