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    I put my Lvl 15 Robot Dragon to the Training Center and wanted to teach it the "third" elemental attack. There was a glitch where it tells you the percentage of gain/loss in attack power: whenever I hovered the same attack (with always the same attack selected that I thought I want to train) the number switched everytime to a totally different number between -16% and +24%. That confused me so much I accidently mistook the rows of teachable attacks with actual attacks: Instead of replacing a melee with the fire attack, I replaced the electric attack with a melee one. (Stupid me I know.)

    So I want to ask the following: Can I later reteach the electric attack? Or is it possible if I sell the robot dragon, that I can buy a new robot egg (because I cannot find it anywhere while I'm still waiting 24h for the stupid training to finish)? Or did I overlook a possibility to cancel the training?!?

    Please help (the stupid) me!  :(


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    • to the best of my knowledge, you can't reteach an attack.

      I don't know if you can 'rebuy' another egg.

      The gain/loss numbers aren't a glitch, they roll a random attack for each and show which is stronger.  Check the wiki for actual attack values.

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    • But it confused me (and it's the games job to explain it and not mine to look it up elsewhere) and that's why I made that mistake.

      Can anybody confirm at least on of these points:

      Please help me! :(

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    • Give me an hour or two, I have a real life chore to take care of.  Then, I will look into the matter, do some experimenting on my own dragons, and google a bit.

      Expect the best ansers I can find and some pictures to back them up (my gut says you may not like them).

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    • it's impossible to get another robot dragon egg, because it's an exclusive dragon, you just have to hope that they do an event or something like that...

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    • Hello Seika85, please read more about all types & value of attack you can train at Train Robot Dragon, you will find infomation there
      For your questions:

      1. Can you re-teach an electric attack: No, sorry you can't. Because the train has no electric attack, so you can teach any electric. Furthur, after your training done, that new ability still remain there as an option in the training center, but this time it is disabled (grey, unclickable). So you can only have 4 options to train, and everytime you done, it turn grey in the training center.
      2. Can you sell and get/buy another Robot Dragon: No. Robot Dragon is GEN EX, that means you can breed or buy. You probably got it from playing Social Wars, therefor you can't get it twice.
      3. Can you cancel training. I think no, only way is to insta-done it buy using gem, which is silly if you want to cancel...

      I hope my answers are clearly for you (English is not my tongue)

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    • yeah I passed out early...  oops

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    • OK. To the fact of retraining a replaced attack: It is only possible to retrain "new" attacks. The first four "old" attacks are not retrainable. So I'm screwed now and will try to sell and rebuy the robot dragon.

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    • FYI, Robot is GEN EX, can not be bought or bred...

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    • I still don't get why I am not able to cancel a running training or why I am not able to rebuy one new robot egg after selling my robot dragon. I would always have only one single dragon. I even asked support about it weeks ago, but I still got no response. Maybe one day we'll be able to.

      So I'm stuck to hoping for an event...  :(

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    • no, you cant get another robot dragon after you sell it, when you try itll say, "Are you sure you want to sell( whatever your dragon's name is) you will not be able to get him again"

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    • I know that. But I hope Social Point is changing that. (I messaged their support team about this whole issue.)

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    • Well, Robot Dragon isn't that great in battle either way so if you're using it now you'll soon find a better Dragon to fight with. If you don't use it you have no need to care about its attacks...

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    • they usually not giving you an option to "CANCEL" any activity, but they give you an option to faster the performance by using the gems, yeah "FASTER"! well I'm not sure if you could sell and rebuy it, but base on what other expert have told you above, I think it is impossible.

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    • Robot Dragon is actually only a Collector's Dragon -- at least, that's the way I see it. Not much use for anything  except to stick it in your PVP team so that people battling you will have an unusual dragon to fight. =D

      (My PVP team consists of one Dark Hybrid lv4 + Cerberus lv4 + Demon lv4, like a mini Dungeon Quest. xD Except of course I don't give you my dragons after you defeat them, and they're no biggie to defeat. lol I blame my choices for PVP team on Jens. He stuck me with the idea that you should leave a weak nominal team for other PVP players.)

      So, no -- DON'T sell off your Robot Dragon. It is unlikely you will ever be able to replace it, and anyway it's not much use for fighting. If you don't want to call it a Collector's Dragon, maybe you can call it a Decorative Dragon. =D

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    • After messaging the support, I found a new Robot Dragon in my storage today. So they provided me one. Yay!  :D

      I don't care about the (basis) battle strength of the dragon I just like the idea of having dragons with more than two different elemental attacks up my sleeve. ;)

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    • Cool. I wonder if I can get the Monstrous Dragon by pestering SP? xD

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    • I wonder if there is any chances you can get it again by breeding your Robot Dragon with somehting..

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    • I miss my old Robot Dragon :( But luckily i found a blizzard dragon to replace his spot as my top dragon!

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