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    Hey guys i'm here because i want to bring my problem with the light habitat, i mean, i can't build he! i already have the war habitat and the war dragon but when i try to build the light habitat some bug happens and the time (23h 59Min) appear but the habitat don't!! how could i fix that? and this happen to someone else? THX =D

    In the image that i upload you can see the bug that i talked about! please help me if you know something ^^       LET'S GO DRAGON CITY 

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    • I understand how it feels stuck in buggy game, but watch out with your image. At your image contains too many "swearing words" and it is inappropriate here.

      Plese re-upload your image and changes that swearing words with the appropriate one or just remove it.

      I'll delete your image, this what i'm doing to keep clear the forum, thanks.

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    • I also have the same problem, my light habitat wont finish even when the construction is done.

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    • yeah xiaoZen i don't know what is going on but i want some retribution or my Huge light habitat, cause i can builld the small light habitat but the huge (now i could build but it don't complete) don't get finish! =/     i'm realy pissed of. you're not? =D

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    • well you have to buy the light habitat first

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    • i already did this, i bought the smaller and after i tried to build the huge, it worked but when it get in 00h 00m it just don't complete, i click on it and appear the conclusion screen and i can't do anything, i can't pass the time with gems or anything!!! it just appear the screen of the habitat under construction but it don't get completed LOL.    and for get worse i can't remove or delete it and it is occupying a lot space in my island.

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    • I'm going to buy big light habitat for my archengel & sun-d. but some members said that there is an error with it. Is it fixed already or not?

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    • The SP didn't fix it yet, one of our team already reported this case and still wait for clarification.

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    • It works fine in the mobile version, it also got buggy in my computer.

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    • Report Game problems to Support... follow the red link located beneath your game. Remember to clicking "No" at the very bottom to Did this answer your question? for the report form to show. Be sure to include your account number in the report too.

      Be aware Support usually takes 3 business days to respond & are closed on weekend s & Spain's holidays. Don't forget to respond on your ticket withing 14 days.

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    • yes do this

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    • we have too many threads for this topic, so I'm closing this one.  Please continue on Thread:156751.

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