• It often happens that I don't get a¬†Mystery Egg, when accepting it on Facebook on the computer.

    And IF I get it, I only get ONE, even though I accept more of them, (2-15 sometimes).

    However, if I accept it them on the iPad, I get them ALL!

    I only accept the Eggs on the iPad, cause if I accept food/money gifts I get an error, and if I accept gifts from the Viking Quest, I don't get the horns :(

    Anyone know how I can get all eggs on Facebook on the computer?!?

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    • Hopefully, notification 1 time, 1 gift

      so, 1 time, 1 gift, don't select them all, keep them for 7 min then open dragon city to recieve them......

      And if this issue does not work, that means your FB or Firefox must have some exceptions

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