• I made a dragon, its called the STARFISH DRAGON. How do I create dragons? Well, i click on the wiki, on RANDOM PAGE button, until i get 4 dragons. I select 2 dragons which can fit and add a new dragon (which i want). 

    Yesterday, I got lantern fish, spicy, treasure and odin. I selected lantern fish (aquatic - from this he gets water element), treasure dragon (beautiful, precious - from this he gets metal element) and I added the star dragon (starfish - star - from this it gets electric).

    So as you can see, its sea, metal, electric.

    Name: Seashell Dragon

    Elements: Sea/Metal/Electric

    Attacks(normal): Magneto, Judo kick, Lightning, Storm

    Attacks(trained): Ninja Stars, Hammer Fist, Electric Shock, Whirpool

    Appearence: A blue dragon which resembles with the star dragon at form, with waterfall - like wings, with kelp on them, with lots of purple spots on it. The head is purple and has the form of a starfish. The tail ends with with a starfish. It has a necklace representing a wave and another seashell on the neck. The feet are toad-like (aquatic type).

    How to obtain: By breeding (exclusive dragon, which can be obtained from Lantern fish + Battery, Seashell + Star, Seashell + Battery, Seashell + Gold, Seashell + Lantern fish, Star + Battery, Star + Gold. All lvl 15 - breedable exclusive type)

    Breeding Time: 20 hours

    Hatching Time: 20 hours

    I made a drawing too, which I will put soon.

    What do you think?

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    • New idea!

      So I got Flaming Rock Dragon, Thor Dragon, Flame Dragon, Firebird Dragon - I selcted Flaming Rock (terrestial) and Firebird (bird) and I added Ninja Dragon (fast). The result is OSTRICH DRAGON!

      Name: Ostrich Dragon

      Elements: Nature/Terra

      Attacks(normal): Stunning Hit, Earthquake, Poison Ivy, Tumble Weed

      Attacks(trained): Judo Kick, Asteroid, Leaf Blast, Sand Storm

      Appearence: A black-back dragon with yellow tummy, legs resembles with the ones of Treasure Dragon (at form). It has Some black hair and a long black tail, with some feathers at last. And other things (You will soon see in my drawing).

      How to obtain: By breeding - Normal Hybrid dragon (there is no hybrid with nature+terra)

      Breeding Time: 8 hours

      Hatching Time: 8 hours

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    • what site do you go on to make your own dracos

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    • umm dragon city wiki and I click on random page button.

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    • Don't forget these stats:

      • Category (strenght of dragon in level 4)
      • Earnings (total amount of money you get from dragon in level 1)
      • Increase (total amount of increase in earnings)
      • XP (how much XP you will get when hatched)
      • Gems Cost (cost in shop, coins are only for elementals)
      • Sell Price (how much gold it will give you after incubation)

      Some other dragon types: Four-E (Abyss, Promethium, Mirage, Apocalypse, Forge), Tribid (Poo, Angry, Bookday, Brave Sword, Zodiac Dragons), Think of yourself!

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    • ok i got mars dragon (hidden)and joseon (it says rise up)and the result was smoke dragon it would be

      name:smoke dragon

      elements:flame terra dark

      attacks (normal) stunning hit flaming arrows earthquake ghost cloud

      attacks (trained)hammer fist nucler hit sandstorm black hole

      apperance:a dragon with a resamblence of storm dragon same shape but has big red eyes and has a gator like snout

      how to obtain:breeding hybrids

      breeding time:12 hours

      hatching time:18 hours

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    • A FANDOM user
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