• I made up an awesome dragon called Deus dragon! His element is Legendary. Here is the description: Deus was trying some crazy potions, and in the whip of a tail, he turned into the most powerful dragon! He is happy with the result, and you better not mess with him, or youll feel his wrath! Breed pures and legends to get Deus!

    You think hes cool! His attacks are Hammar Fist, Paralyzing Spell, Rainbow and Legendary wind. Trainable is Deus Sword, Judo Kick, Aurora borealis and Legend spell. He is the strongest dragon in the game. His level 15 HP is 9876! His breeding and hatching time are both 60 hours! 59:59:59! Comment below to share things about Deus Dragon!

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    • Isn't the Dujur Dragon the Deus Dragon, too? Just asking.

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    • Legendary Wind is very weak. Also Paralyzing Spell

      Elements: Light, War, Pure, Legend

      Attacks: Enlighting Wisdom, War Fist, Pure Energy, Aurora Borealis

      Trainable: Out of Time, Astro Hit, Pure Light, Legend Spell (note: attacks are 3x powerful)

      Oh yeah, I forgot, you can use Deus as a dragon (same elements as Hellgate).

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