• I am thinking at a new island - Indian Island! It should be like Halloween Island/ Dino Island... Anyway any which has items to collect. 

    -78 objects for BENGAL TIGER DRAGON (Nature+Flame)

    - 98 objects for INDIAN PRINCESS DRAGON (Light+Sea)

    I made some drawings (with the items that needs to be collected and island at exterior, still no dragon drawings). I will upload them soon (after I will draw the dragons).

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    • Good idea! It would be great! Just one suggestion: Put a tri-element dragon like final reward (light-sea-?).

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    • Have a tribrid with metal!  

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    • Anyway I did not make the drawings with the dragons, but I will upload the others...

      Indian Island - exterior
      Indian Island - Interior
      Hope you like it!
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    • Like the Taj Mahal! ;) SP, you must to see this!

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    • Thank you!

      Well, sorry for the intense luminosity, they are scanned images.

      For the ones who are not that informed about the indian culture, I will explain some things

      - Sari is a kind of a thin rug, with traditional models (I tried one with elefants, it is not really realistic, but anyway), weared by womans;

      - Diwali is the festival of light in India. People light some lamps (well, they resemble to that round candles you see in cemeteries) specific for the festival - round, with a little sharp part, where the candle's wick is;

      - The temple in the background may look like a mayan or aztec temple for some people, but it is a hindi temple (the one in the interior of the island).

      And ya, I tried to reproduce the Taj Mahal (as well as I could).

      Ya, it would be a good idea that Indian Princess would be a tribrid (Light, Sea and Flame or Light, Sea and Metal). 

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    • Ok so the details are not so visible, so I will thick then a bit with a sharp pen (the drawings).

      I drew the bengal tiger dragon, but I will upload them all after I draw Indian Princess.

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    • I want to see this dragons!

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    • Ok so I made the dragons and contured the island better (sorry for so much waiting).

      Indian Island exterior
      Indian Island interior
      Indian Princess Dragon
      Bengal Tiger Dragon

      Sorry for no color, but I am not so good at that.

      Indian Princess is not as I really wanted, but... anyway...

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    • Hmmmm Interesting.

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    • Good pictures! Maybe some SP programmer could see this...

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    • A FANDOM user
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