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  • My "obsession" about new islands continues!

    I created the Japan Island! 

    Quests are:

    - 78 objects to collect for SUMO Dragon (Terra+Electric / Electric + Nature)

    - 98 objects to collect for SAMURAI Dragon (War+Metal / Terra+Metal / All three!)

    Japan Island - Exterior
    Japan Island - Interior
    Sumo Dragon
    Samurai Dragon
    What do you guys think?


    1 - Exterior - I tried to draw a traditiomal Japanese Pagoda, together with some cherry trees and a koi pond

    2 - Interior - The background is with a koi pond and Mt. Fuji

    - Why teacups again? Because it exists a Tea Ceremony in Japan

    - The Japanese writing (together) means Japan

    3 - Sumo Dragon:

    - The writing on his back means "Sumo"

    - Why no wings? It is to heavy to fly, so no need for that

    4 - Samurai Dragon:

    - The repeated writing on his feet means "Samurai"

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    • You're an artist! I like the Samurai dragon! And the "Pagoda"!

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    • Thank you! ^_^

      I know, Samurai Dragon is the one I like the most too! Sumo is not exact like I wanted, but anyway...

      I hope you are not upset cause I did not coloured them (I am not that good in this...).

      I make this islands for some reasons:

      a) I like it, I relax with this (for some, it may sound weird)

      b) I want new islands! Maybe SP could see my islands... You know, I would really enjoy to play an island which is inspired from one of mine...

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    • Samurai rules! No problem with uncoloured pics, the idea is ok. I relax reading books and listening music (soft rock); and thats true, we need new islands and Indian - Japan Island would be a great choise!

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    • Well I don't say that is my only relax (this would be kinda ridiculous for a 17-years boy XD. They are more, of course, I am not really drawing this often, I usually choose to read books. And ya, I listen music too, when I draw and not only). 

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    • Carim123
      Carim123 removed this reply because:
      07:49, February 16, 2014
      This reply has been removed

      Ehm, not to be rude but 日本 is Japan in Chinese not Japanese. Anyways that's nothing compared to what you have posted here. Really awesome stuff!

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