• My "obsession" about new islands continues!

    I created the Japan Island! 

    Quests are:

    - 78 objects to collect for SUMO Dragon (Terra+Electric / Electric + Nature)

    - 98 objects to collect for SAMURAI Dragon (War+Metal / Terra+Metal / All three!)

    Japan Island - Exterior
    Japan Island - Interior
    Sumo Dragon
    Samurai Dragon
    What do you guys think?


    1 - Exterior - I tried to draw a traditiomal Japanese Pagoda, together with some cherry trees and a koi pond

    2 - Interior - The background is with a koi pond and Mt. Fuji

    - Why teacups again? Because it exists a Tea Ceremony in Japan

    - The Japanese writing (together) means Japan

    3 - Sumo Dragon:

    - The writing on his back means "Sumo"

    - Why no wings? It is to heavy to fly, so no need for that

    4 - Samurai Dragon:

    - The repeated writing on his feet means "Samurai"

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    • You're an artist! I like the Samurai dragon! And the "Pagoda"!

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    • Thank you! ^_^

      I know, Samurai Dragon is the one I like the most too! Sumo is not exact like I wanted, but anyway...

      I hope you are not upset cause I did not coloured them (I am not that good in this...).

      I make this islands for some reasons:

      a) I like it, I relax with this (for some, it may sound weird)

      b) I want new islands! Maybe SP could see my islands... You know, I would really enjoy to play an island which is inspired from one of mine...

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    • Samurai rules! No problem with uncoloured pics, the idea is ok. I relax reading books and listening music (soft rock); and thats true, we need new islands and Indian - Japan Island would be a great choise!

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    • Well I don't say that is my only relax (this would be kinda ridiculous for a 17-years boy XD. They are more, of course, I am not really drawing this often, I usually choose to read books. And ya, I listen music too, when I draw and not only). 

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