• The Super hero Dragon Consists of 2 parts = Pre hero and Ultimate

    First Part = 

    Hawkeye Dragon = War+Electric

    Superman Dragon = War+Light

    Black Widow Dragon = War+Dark+Light

    Spidey Dragon = War+Flame+Dark

    Second Part =

    Cyclops Dragon = War+Flame+Electric

    Iron Man Dragon=War+Electric+Flame

    Wolverine Dragon= War=Metal+Light

    Captain America Dragon = War+Sea+Light

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    • good idea

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    • Batman Dragon = Dark+War+Light

      Robin Dragon = Light+Electric

      Joker Dragon = Dark+Fire+War

      Green Lantern Dragon = Light+Electric

      Lex Luthor Dragon = Dark+War+Metal

      Superman is DC hero?

      Superman = Light+War+Fire

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    • A FANDOM user
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