• The Secret elementals were apparently supposed to be released in April 2014, but instead they were named the Double elementals. Why did they change it to double elementals I ask? 

    But if they release the element secret at all, I have thought of some attacks (no pictures as i have only recently come up with these ideas)

    750bp - Instant flash, should make the whole screen blink white three times

    1050bp - Shadow grab, should be similar to Giant Claw's claw only the claw is black, not gold, and it should use an animation similar to Giant Mouth.

    1350bp - Geyser blast, six geysers should burst out of small cracks from the ground

    1500bp - Ambush, multiple missiles and multiple bullets should fire at the opponent, from diagonally above

    and 2100bp - Supernova blast, should have similar appearance to pure energy but instead of forming a ball of energy, a neutron star should turn from white to purple before exploding (The attacks idea was created with basepowers already existing rather than a new one).

    This makes the element stronger than Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light (all 1350bp maximum), War (1650bp maximum) and Pure (1500bp maximum). But it will be weaker than Legend (2300bp maximum).

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    • Not a bad idea, but when were the double elements rumored to be named as secret?

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    • I am telling you all this because I saw a few photos of these dragons, like the double terra at the time was supposed to be Secret Terra (Legend-Terra or Secret-Terra)

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    • And their names were rumoured to be Secret elementals early April until they were released late April, when they changed to double elementals

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    • And one more thing, if socialpoint ever intend to release the element, they need to know what the symbol would be first. And i the only strange symbol i saw so far was a dark yellow background with a black lightning bolt (similar to electric but this is a normal yellow background with a white lightning bolt). So i am thinking this may be "Secret's" symbol

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    • And the only dragons I know relating to Secret are the Secret (possibly the old Pure appearance) and Secret Electric (both found in future information sites). The site i went in was based on another language as there are no future information sites based on the English language.The future information site i found them in was "Os Mestres do Dragon City," a Spanish future information site, which is Spanish for "The Masters of Dragon City."

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    • thats coolio

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    • A FANDOM user
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