• Here's my ideas:

    Element Tournament: Cool Fire - Level 12, Mozart Dragon - Level 12, Elements Dragon Level 15

    Crystal Tournament 1: Petroleum Dragon Level 13, Firebird Dragon Level 13, Zodiac Capricorn Dragon Level 15

    Crystal Tournament 2: Alpine Dragon level 13, Magnet Dragon level 13, Blizzard Dragon level 15

    Pure Terra Tournament: Pure Terra Dragon level 13, Ivory Dragon level 13, Golem Dragon level 13

    Admins, please don't close or remove this thread. We will lose our hardwork if you deleted this.

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    • Pure Tournament 1: Pure Dragon level 11, Pure Sea Dragon level 11, Ragnor Dragon level 11

      Challenge Cup 1: Cloud Dragon level 38, Blue Fire Dragon level 38, Frozen Wind Dragon level 38, Ukelele Dragon level 38, Korean Soccer Dragon level 38, Nenufar Dragon level 38, War Dragon level 38, Zodiac Libra Dragon level 38, Obsidian Dragon level 38, Wind Dragon level 45

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    • no one here?

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    • Note: Challenge cups names will be based on the first name of boss dragon (example, if the boss is Abyss Dragon, challenges will be named Abyss Challenges)

      Note 2: Dragons have 40% more health.

      Note 3: Dragons both use learned attacks (from feeding) and trainable. BonusNote: Weak attacks will have 500 more damage.

      Note 4: Critical hits are much weaker.

      Note 5: Dragons are defended, so that's the reason why critical hits are weaker.

      Note 6: In challenge cups, dragons are always level 40. Exception: The boss dragon will be level 55.

      Note 7: In challenge cups, you can put 8-10 dragons in it.

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    • My Idea: Vikings Cup: Dragons: Loki Dragon Level 17, Thor Dragon Level 18, Odin Dragon Level 19

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    • Please add friend me for making tournaments ideas.

      Rewards: (rewarded for making tournaments)

      1 tournament - gold

      2 tournaments - food

      3 tournaments - Mystery Egg

      4 tournaments - food and Mystery egg or a Gummy Dragon

      5 tournaments - Korean Soccer, Animation or Black Knight Dragons (Korean Soccer offer coming soon)

      1 question: How do I send dragons to friends?

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    • you can't send dragons to friends¬†;

      you can only send those eggs who can have a dragon inside ( after a while you will ignore them ) , or on quests on fb you can choose to send dragons to get items ,but those are basic dragons you can buy for a penny anyway.

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    • Mirage Challenges No. 1 - Ice Cream Dragon, Mystic Tribe Dragon, Core Dragon, Genie Dragon, Black Knight Dragon, Desert Dragon, Pure Sea Dragon, Origami Dragon

      Mirage Challenges No. 2 - Nightwind Dragon, Special Cool Fire Dragon, Firebird Dragon, Greenfluid Dragon, Rapunzel Dragon, Lantern Fish Dragon, Vampire Dragon, Aztec Priest Dragon, O Rei Dragon

      Mirage Challenges No. 3 - Justice Dragon, Scrooge Dragon, Mother's Day Dragon, Brontosaurus Dragon, Zodiac Cancer Dragon, Mojito Dragon, Zodiac Sagittarius Dragon, Nenufar Dragon, Mystic Blizzard Dragon

      Mirage Challenges No. 4 - Pulga Dragon, Spicy Dragon, Cyborg Dragon, Zodiac Scorpio Dragon, Lightning Dragon, Chainmail Dragon, Aquamarine Dragon, Saturn Dragon, Mirror Dragon, Zodiac Pisces Dragon

      Mirage Challenges Boss - Sun Dragon, Zodiac Taurus Dragon, Flaming Rock Dragon, Gummy Dragon, Pelusa Dragon, Ukelele Dragon, Colossal Dragon, Double Metal Dragon, Inesta Dragon, Mirage Dragon (boss)

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    • Hellgate Challenges No.1 -¬† Justice Dragon, Centipede Dragon, War Dragon, Pure Electric Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Pharaoh Dragon, Moose Dragon, Droconos

      Hellgate Challenges No.2 - Ney Dragon, Zodiac Pisces Dragon, Animation Dragon, Wrestler Dragon, Double Flame Dragon, Poseidon Dragon, Two-Headed Dragon, Shogun Dragon, Jelly Dragon

      Hellgate Challenges No.3 - Saturn Dragon, Flouroscent Dragon, Astronaut Dragon, Quetzal Dragon, Thor Dragon, Sad Dragon, Zodiac Leo Dragon, Steampunk Dragon, Martial Arts Dragon

      Hellgate Challenges No.4 - Rockfeller Dragon,' Zodiac Aries Dragon, Little Red Riding Hood 'Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Obsidian Dragon, Double Ice Dragon, Thanksgiving Dragon, Odin Dragon, Zodiac Capricorn Dragon, Platinum Dragon

      Hellgate Challenges Boss - Oni Dragon, Chesire Cat Dragon, Demon Dragon, Chameleon Dragon, Midas Dragon, Kratus Dragon, Pure Metal Dragon, Zodiac Libra Dragon, Zizou Dragon, Hellgate Dragon (boss)

      Now make your own challenges. Challenges should be named after the boss dragon. Before making challenges, try making a list of all dragons in game so you can choose which dragons to put in the tournaments and challenges. Link to all dragons:

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    • Ugh, make your tournaments.

      Sorry, I can't make a tournament right now, I don't have the paper of the list of dragons.

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    • Any admin here? Please highlight this thread. Also, in challenges, you can choose 8 dragons in battle so it is easier.

      Dark Angel Challenges NO.1 -  Hot Metal Dragon, Moose Dragon, Stressed Dragon, Double Sea Dragon, Anniversary Dragon, Mystic Tribe Dragon, Cactus Dragon, Inesta Dragon

      Dark Angel Challenges NO.2 - Nocturnal Dragon, Mojito Dragon, Flaming Rock Dragon, Toxic Dragon, Zodiac Cancer Dragon, Love Dragon, Mummy Dragon, Zodiac Aquarius Dragon, Sad Dragon

      Dark Angel Challenges NO.3 - Shaolin Dragon, Thor Dragon, Quetzal Dragon, Zodiac Libra Dragon, Meteor Dragon, Hades Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Bavarian Dragon, Columbus Dragon

      Dark Angel Challenges NO.4 - Obsidian Dragon, Pulga Dragon, Gaia Dragon, Viking Dragon, Little Red Riding Hood Dragon, Aztec Emepror Dragon, Pure Metal Dragon, Steam Dragon, Hedgehog Dragon, Zodiac Scorpio Dragon

      Dark Angel Challenges NO.5 - Hydra Dragon, Peace Dragon, Zombie Dragon, Zodiac Virgo Dragon, Basilisk Dragon, Lightbeam Dragon, Amethyst Dragon, Frankie Dragon, Cerberus Dragon, Dark Angel Dragon (boss)

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    • I made my own tournament and I want it to share to you!

      Spiky Challenge 1 = Armadillo, Bone, Diamond, Droconos, Chainmail, Cerberus, Double Metal, Desert

      Spiky Challenge 2 = Emerald, Ruby, Double Ice, Double Electric, Quartz, Glacial, Moon, Obsidian

      Spiky Challenge 3 = Aztec Warrior, Lightning, Kryptonite, Double Terra, Prisma, Wurm, Twister, Two Headed, Viking, Ivory (Viking, lvl. 42

      Spiky Challenge 4 = Lightbeam, King, Queen, Nirobi, Sun, Star, Double Flame, Demon, Acoustic, Unity (Acoustic, lvl. 42)

      Spiky Challenge 5 (BOSS) = Legendary, Crystal, Saturn, Troglodyte, Hearts Queen, Cheshire Cat, Pure Terra, Pure Ice, Pure Flame, Pure Metal, Pure Electric, Golem, Krait, Ragnor, Dark Angel (Boss: Spiky)

      Now make your own challenges. Challenges should be named after the boss dragon. Before making challenges, try making a list of all dragons in game so you can choose which dragons to put in the tournaments and challenges. Link to all dragons: (copied)


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    • Note: Boss dragons should have 3 elements. However, you may use dragons with hidden-element attacks and have strong attacks. Dragons are 3-gold starred.

      Note2: Don't make your challenges have more than 10 dragons. Dragons would get killed for that. Only use 1 legendary for the challenge.

      Note3: Dragons are always level 40. Exception: Legendaries, which are 34 so your dragon can't easily get killed. Exception 2: Bosses are lvl. 50.

      Note4: You are allowed to use made-up dragons. Just make sure they have an asterisk (*) next to it to be sure.

      Note5: Using hacked dragons in challenges, will be blocked from Facebook. Most games in FB (such as Plants vs. Zombies Adventures) have trap achievements, which makes them cheat and get blocked. Once unblocked, dragons are reverted back to lvl. 12 as punishment.

      Let's make sure that SocialPoint reads this thread. Also, challenges will be unlocked after level 80.

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