• it would be cool for there to be some islands each that have dragons that are hard to get i will have all elements except pure and legend starting with flame 1.cerberus dragon 2.ragnor dragon 3.lava dragon 4.explosive dragon 5.double flame dragon

    terra island next 1.golem dragon 2.armadillo dragon 3.forge dragon 4.giant wings dragon 5.double terra dragon

    now sea island 1.dolphin dragon 2.hydra dragon 3.millenium dragon 4.monstruos dragon 5.double sea dragon

    now nature island 1.two headed dragon 2.manglar dragon 3.quetzal dragon 4.wurm dragon 5.double nature dragon

    now electric island 1.paladin dragon 2.lightning dragon 3.toxic dragon 4.specter dragon 5.double electric dragon

    now metal island 1.robot dragon 2.nocturnal dragon 3.chainmail dragon 4.cyborg dragon 5.double metal dragon

    ice island 1.fossil dragon fire dragon 3.glacial dragon 4.frozen wind dragon 5.double ice dragon

    now dark island 1.demon dragon 2. deep red dragon 3.ghost dragon 4.eclipse night dragon

    now light island 1.mystic tribe dragon 2.core dragon 3.dark angel dragon 4.sensei dragon 5.white knight dragon

    last but not least war island 1.panzer dragon 2.odin dragon 3.touch down dragon 4.kratus dragon 5.mystic war dragon

    i hope y'all like it and bye

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    • Edit:war island:1.citadal dragon 4.hellgate dragon

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