• Hello, can someone help me please?

    I am having trouble getting my robot dragon, I'm now on level 11 in Social Wars, but I haven't gotten it yet,

    I have also done this:

    "If you are having difficulty obtaining the dragon after reaching Level 10 in Social Wars and Level 15 in Dragon City, try the following steps, or read the comments below.

    1. Click on the BUILD button. Find the Robot Dragon in the store and click "Get Dragon!"
    2. Allow Social Wars to open in a new window or tab (make sure your pop-up blocker allows it).
    3. Refresh the window or tab with Dragon City open while Social Wars is also open. The red "Requires: Level 10 in SOCIAL WARS" text should now be gone when you find the dragon in BUILD.
    4. Click "Get Dragon!" to make the dragon egg appear in your hatchery or storage.

    NOTE: this might not work using Safari Browser. Try using Google Chrome or Firefox"

    in chrome, as suggested, but no luck, the robot dragon does not even show in my shop?

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