Throne Island

This event has expired on 26 Jul 2015 00:00:00 +0000.

Throne Island
  • Throne Island has its first release on 3 July, 2015.
  • There are 13 items, 3 of which are decorations.
  • There are 10 dragons to collect, 4 of them are new.
  • It's the sequel to Fight For The Throne calendar.
  • The island serves special currency to be used to win rewards, Event Coins.

How To Edit

You start the island with a number of Event Coins and you use to it to open the boxes one the map until you get to a Fight Encounter or to a dragon.

Collecting Event CoinsEdit

Action Pool Maximum Event Coins
Collecting Gold 5 200 Event Coins
Collecting Food 25 500 Event Coins
Feeding dragons 60 100 Event Coins
Winning PvP 60 N/A
Breeding Dragons 150 N/A
Hatching a Hybrid 250 N/A
Hatching a tribrid 375 N/A
Hatching a Legend 500 N/A

Fight ListEdit

Dragons RewardsEdit

Mould Dragon 3Element NatureElement TerraElement Flame

Supersonic Dragon 3Element NatureElement ElectricElement TerraElement Metal

Bastark Dragon 3Element IceElement MetalElement Light

Mirage Dragon 3Element FlameElement IceElement NatureElement Electric

Midas Dragon 3Element TerraElement MetalElement Dark

Mother Dragon 3Element TerraElement FlameElement Light

Citadel Dragon 3Element WarElement Light

Golden Hand Dragon 3Element ElectricElement WarElement Light

Dark Angel Dragon 3Element LightElement Pure

Cruel Dragon 3Element LegendElement ChaosElement Dark

Decoration RewardsEdit

Dragon Throne
Dragon Sword
Stone Eggs


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