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Treasure Hunt
Collect magical items around Dragon City to unlock the Treasure Chest for amazing prizes!



Treasure Hunt Island was a mini-game event in Dragon City. It worked like the event The Christmas Tree, and was available from 1/26/2013 - 2/9/2013. The prizes included a Soccer Dragon, a Fossil Dragon, and the top prize were a Deep Forest Dragon and a Queen Dragon.


  • Collect items around Dragon City to get amazing dragon prizes!
  • Treasure Hunt Island
  • Treasure Hunt pop-up
  • The Island
  • treasure chest

Exclusive Prizes

Soccer Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon Egg
  • Soccer Dragon Baby
  • Soccer Dragon Adolescent
  • Soccer Dragon Adult
  • Soccer Dragon as shown in the Book of Dragons

Fossil Dragon
  • Fossil Dragon Egg
  • Fossil Dragon Baby
  • Fossil Dragon Adolescent
  • Fossil Dragon Adult
  • Screenshot of Unique Fossil Dragon
  • Jacktbh/AzulusHunter´s Fossil Dragon, Bitz

Deep Forest Dragon Queen Dragon
  • Deep Forest Dragon Egg
  • Baby Deep Forest Dragon
  • Teen Deep Forest Dragon
  • Deep Forest Dragon Adult
  • Teen Queen Dragon
  • Adult Queen Dragon
  • Baby Queen Dragon
  • Looking in ma mirror
  • I'm the wicked witch from Snow White

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