Note: This recruitment is only available for players in USA, Germany, France, the UK, and Canada.

You will have to recruit 10 friends in order to get an Uncle Sam Dragon. Visit Islands/Mini-Game page for that.

Island american 1

Uncle Sam wants You!

Start a Discussion Discussions about Uncle Sam Dragon Wants You!

  • uncle sam dragon!

    3 messages
    • at times we will know what is coming right before it comes, but I am not aware of this island coming back
    • You could get it from a timed challenge for spending lots of gold, in March 2016
  • I want uncle sam dragon and her island too

    39 messages
    • If "Neccessity is the mother of invention" then ''Curiosity'' is the Father of discovery!  How else do we learn...
    • Personally, I rather doubt that 10 million people are playing it. xD

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