Item Name Needed How to get item Pool Wait Time
Uncovered Slate Slate 15 Get it by collecting gold 5 1h 36m
Uncovered Popcorn Popcorn 10 Get it by feeding your dragons 3 2h 40m
Uncovered Film Roll Film Roll 3 Get it by completing quests 1 1m
Uncovered Chair Director Chair 4 Get it by sending gifts 4 1m
Adventure Dragon 3

Battle MapEdit

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 Element NatureElement Metal Dragonfly Dragon Round TerraRound Ice Round DarkRound LightRound TerraRound Ice
2 Element TerraElement Electric Sky Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound FlameRound Metal
3 Element TerraElement FlameElement Light Indiana Jones Round MetalRound War Round NatureRound DarkRound SeaRound IceRound ElectricRound Dark

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