Legacy Dragon 3 Wind Dragon 3 Crystal Dragon 3 Mirror Dragon 3

How To Get Legend Dragons


This blog was created on 24/06/2013, 1 month before the War and Light major update (26/07/2013). So it is now out-of-date. You can no longer get legends by breeding rare. New way is to use Pure or Pure Hybrids. Thanks for reading! :)


  • This is from my personal experience.
  • This is not garantee you will get one of these legend dragons, but this will help you get legend dragons effectively
  • The maxium chance of all Legends in a good combination is 26.66%. It's the highest, but it's still low. So keep in mind that you may fail in couple first attempts!

Legend Dragons and Related Things

  • All legend dragons is in group dificulty 3, that means highest chance to get a difficulty 3 dragon is 33.33%. Therefore keep level of your dragons at minium at Lv4 in order to have a rate <= 49
  • Many people still believe that the higher level of Rare Hybrids in the combination, the higher the chance getting Legend Dragons... But it is NOT TRUE!
    Slots_Unlock See if you're still confused
  • Any dificulty 3 "Non-Legend" dragon, which can be created in the combination, will lower chance of getting Legends (shared percent).
    You can check more about Dificulty 3
For example:
Element DarkElement Sea Pirate Heart Element DarkElement Sea Pirate
Down arrow
*Element Dark Dark (3) *Element DarkElement Sea Pirate (2)
*Element SeaElement Dark Petroleum (1) *Element Sea Sea (1)
*Element Legend Legacy (1) *Element Legend Wind (3)
*Element Legend Crystal (3) *Element Legend Mirror (3)

So there is total 5 dragons in difficulty 3 (4 legend dragons + Dark Dragon), that means each dragon will share 1/5 of the total percent of that group. If your group 3 chance 33.33% as said on #1, each legend dragon will have a chance = 33.33% / 5 = 6.67%

Choosing Level of Rare Hybrids

  1. Using 2 level 4 rare hybrids => Total Rate equal or less than 49
    You may use level 5,6,7... And it's still ok as long as the total rate of both parents is still equal or less than 49
  2. The combination produces non-legend dragons in dificulty 3 as less as possible (0 is ideal). They are:
Cool Fire Dragon 3 Heart Cool Fire Dragon 3 Soccer Dragon 3 Heart Soccer Dragon 3
Cool Fire Dragon 3 Heart Soccer Dragon 3 . Pirate Dragon 3 Heart Pirate Dragon 3
Petroleum Dragon 3 Heart Petroleum Dragon 3 . Pirate Dragon 3 Heart Petroleum Dragon 3

I DO NOT recommend Gummy or Armadillo, because they have high gold rate, even 2 level 4 of them, the rate is 70-80 => group dificulty 3 has lower chance => lower chance for legends


The example below will explain all the reading above. You may find it more easy to understand

Soccer Dragon 3 Level 4
Round IceRound Flame
Heart Soccer Dragon 3 Level 4
Round IceRound Flame

TotalRate = 28 [1 : 1 : 1]

Possible Dragons Chance Ic-time
Legacy Dragon 3 Element Legend Legacy (1) Very low 48 h
Wind Dragon 3 Element Legend Wind (3) Very low 48 h
Crystal Dragon 3 Element Legend Crystal (3) Very low 48 h
Mirror Dragon 3 Element Legend Mirror (3) Very low 48 h
Ice Dragon 3 Element Ice Ice (3) Very low 12 h
Cool Fire Dragon 3 Element FlameElement Ice Cool Fire (2) Very low 12 h
Soccer Dragon 3 Element IceElement Flame Soccer (1) Low 12 h
Flame Dragon 3 Element Flame Flame (2) Very low 20 s

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