​I'm making this guide for newbies and the users whose native language isn't english. This is a wiki, where encyclopedia like language should be used.


  •  Always write content in 3rd person view:
  • Eg : "This dragon can be obtained by breeding x and y"
  • Don't write it as "You can get this dragon by COMBINING...."
  •  If a word starts with a vowel, i.e a,e,i,o and u, always use "an" before the word. For other words use "the" and   "a" appropriately .
  • Use Source Mode as much as possible and always write [[breeding]] , [[Hatchchery]] ,visa-versa as far as possible beacuse it makes the word a link to that page like : "  Hatchery " .
  • The first line of the page should not start with a bullet point.
  •  Don't use more than 5 dots like "....." when you want to continue except the description of the Dragon where  we want the exact quote from the game.
  • Don't write "This Dragon is a new dragon in Dragon City..." as after some time it will not be called as new.

You must be wondering why didn't I correct all the pages with mistakes.. The reason behind this is the users just state that it is a new dragon and don't give much info and I started playing this game in Jan 2013 and joined this Wiki one month after I started playing the game..

List of pages I can't correct ( Due to no info )  :

Block Dragon

Uncle Sam Dragon

Butterfly Dragon

Love Dragon

Other news

  • We are also working on a new infobox, so get ready to help us change the Wiki's design.

I have to go to school, so a single person can't cange all the Wiki's 196 pages to 3rd person view so help me in doing that.

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