We all know that this wiki is vandalised by ip-users and even sometimes registered users and spam pages are created. This is a Wiki which is mean to be edited by everyone, so we can't protect all the pages here, so here are the tips that I use and you all should use to keep the Wiki clean,

  • Immediately report a spam page or user in the report corner first.
  • #REDIRECT [[Oops!]] and adding {{Delete|<reason>}} to the page. The Admins, Jens Ingels, Prajay and Andibad will look into the matter and decide whether to delete or to not.
  • If it is very important, report on any admin's message wall.
  • If you can provide a proof, please provide it by taking a screenshot. 
  • If you think someone's account was hacked and it was spamming, contact the the Admins and they will contact Wikia to protect the user's account.
  • Please report inappropriate names.
  • Please remember that this is not a cheats page. To ask questions, please use our Special:Forum

Do you think that you are a great editor? Do you think that you can keep this Wiki spam free? Apply for the  Recruitment of new Team .

Credits :

Jens Ingels
and All other users
for helping us keep the Wiki spam-free

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