Below is a list of rules which are to be followed everywhere whether you are a registered user of an unregistered user :

  1. No vandalising this Wiki.
  2.  No spamming in Chat.
  3. No writing about yourself in Articles other than your profile and blogpost.
  4.  Only writing in third-person view in articles other than your profile and a blogpost.
  5. If you don't know HTML, do not mess up with source mode and the the tables.
  6. Don't use low-class grammar anywhere. If you don't know English, Please use Google Translate as it can translate the sentence with rich grammar.
  7. Don't complain about a article with improper grammar. You can always edit most of the articles almost of the articles here can only be edited by registered users due to over -vandalisation.
  8. Never be rude to anyone at least in this wiki.

Admin rules (only for admins here) :

  • Don't ban a unregistered user for more than 1 week as most of the IP addresses change in that time and if they go to some another user, as this can create problems.
And always remember to follow Wikia's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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