Wacky Lab Island
  • It was released on June 20,2016.
  • 10 dragons were available in it. 4 of them are new.

Basics Edit

  • You start with 110 containers
  • You can collect up to 600 containers in each 8 hour period
  • Collection periods start at 24h, 16h, and 8h on the countdown timer; you can collect any time within the period.
  • Once a collection period ends those containers are no longer available
  • You will get containers from: collecting gold, food, feeding, breeding, hatching, and winning PVP battles. Any combination of actions may be used.
  • For breeding and hatching longer times get more containers.
  • To get containers from hatching, the dragon must be placed in a habitat, a Dragonarium or a Kindergarten.
  • Containers can pay for: opening boxes, skipping fights, and buying dragons.
  • You can go to any spot adjacent to the path you have traversed if you have enough containers.

Collection Amounts Edit

Action Max Containers Per Action
Collecting Gold 6
Collecting Food 25
Feeding Dragons 60
Winning PVP 90
Breed Dragons 180
Hatching a hybrid 300
Hatching a 3 or 4 element dragon 450
Hatching a Legend 600

Least Expensive Routes Edit

Dragon City Wacky Lab Island Shortest Routes
Dragon Route Cost Cumulative Cost
Angry Top 1445 1445
Banana Bottom 2365 3810
Aztec Emperor Middle 2190 6000
Wacky Bottom 1960 7960
Manglar Bottom 1765 9725
Troglodyte Middle 4745 14 520
Holi Bottom 7185 21 705
Abyss Left 4300 26 005
Sackman Top 8885 34 890
Timetravel Bottom 17 780 52 670

Containers Saved by Skipping Dragons Edit

Dragon City Wacky Lab Island Skipping Dragons
Dragon Cost Cumulative Cost Saved Tips
Angry 1445 1445 0 You cannot skip this dragon
Banana 1090 2535 1275 Continue moving right
Aztec Emperor 1795 4330 395 Use bottom route
Wacky 1230 5560 730 Use top route
Manglar 1230 6790 535 You cannot skip this dragon
Troglodyte 4365 11 155 400 Use top route
Holi 6545 17 700 640 Use middle route
Abyss 1685 19 385 2615 Stay at the bottom
Sackman 10 345 29 730 Use top route
Timetravel 17 780 47 510 Use bottom route

This is for those who are aiming for the Legend dragons.

Dragons Available Edit

Name Element Dragon XP Type
Angry Dragon Element TerraElement FlameElement Nature
Angry Dragon 3
100000 Xp template Exclusive
Banana Dragon Element ElectricElement SeaElement Nature
Banana Dragon 3
150000 Xp template Exclusive
Aztec Emperor Dragon Element NatureElement ElectricElement Light
Aztec Emperor Dragon 3
30000 Xp template Exclusive
Wacky Dragon Element ElectricElement IceElement Metal
Wacky Dragon 3
100000 Xp template Exclusive
Manglar Dragon Element TerraElement SeaElement Nature
Manglar Dragon 3
60000 Xp template Exclusive
Troglodyte Dragon Element TerraElement FlameElement Metal
Troglodyte Dragon 3
60000 Xp template Exclusive
Holi Dragon Element LightElement IceElement Electric
Holi Dragon 3
150000 Xp template Exclusive
Abyss Dragon Element LightElement DarkElement IceElement Flame
Abyss Dragon 3
70000 Xp template Exclusive
Sackman Dragon Element Legend
Sackman Dragon 3
200000 Xp template Legendary
Timetravel Dragon Element Legend
Timetravel Dragon 3
432000 Xp template Legendary

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