Wheel of Fortune is a mini-game based on luck. It was introduced late September 23, 2012.


There is only one rule to play the game, the player has to choose the normal or royal mode. The rest is done by the server, which randomly choses the number of Chips that are rewarded.

Special Notes

Bankrupt deletes ALL your earned Chips.
Royal Mode substitutes a 'double' slot instead of "Bankrupt" slot, which will double your earned chips.

Normal Mode

Cost: Free

Contains: 1 Chip, 5 Chips, 10 Chips, 15 Chips, 20 Chips and one Bankrupt.

Royal Mode

'Cost: 10'Gem template
Contains: 2 Chips, 5 Chips,10 Chips,15 Chips, 20 Chips, and one Double.

Current Rewards

Only available from 08 october 2012 07:30:00c until 11 october 2012 07:30:00utc

October 11 2012 02:00:00
until end. current dragons:100 chips Viking dragon , Cyrstal dragon,pure water dragon

Only available from 08 october 2012 07:30:00c until 11 octomber 2012 07:30:00utc

History Rewards

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