*Start 19 Dec., 2014

*Duration 24 days

*End 11 Jan., 2015

Gifts Edit

Day Gift Info Next Gift
1 79200 Food gon Come Every Day , there will be a gift ! 1000000 Gold
2 1,000,000 Gold Bar Icon Thinking about upgrading a building ? Let us help you:Here's some gold! 5 Gems
3 5 Gem template Special gift! 3 free gems for you, enjoy! Tomorrow:A dragon! dragon (apparently Paladin)
4 Paladin Dragon Super special gift! Paladin Dragon! Tomorrow:Gems! 5 Gems
5 5 Gem template 5 gems for you! Use them well ! dragon (apparently Xmas Elf)
6 Xmas Elf Dragon A free dragon, Xmas Elf! Tomorrow one of the best dragons in the game and for FREE! dragon (apparently Scrooge)
7 Scrooge Dragon Merry Christmas! We love gifts! Here's Scrooge Dragon free for you. Tomorrow there's something special too! 5 Gems
8 5 Gem template Late Christmas gift! Here you are, 5 free gems for you! Spend them well! 85000 Food
9 85000 Food gon Today's reward:Food! Come back tomorrow to get gold. 1000000 Gold
10 1000000 Gold Bar Icon Glorious gold! You can use it for so many things, you have something in mind for sure! dragon (apparently Predator)
11 Predator Dragon Today's gift is the amazing Predator Dragon! Another dragon coming tomorrow, don't miss it! dragon (apparently Double Ice)
12 Double Ice Dragon The Double Ice Dragon is yours now! More dragons coming in the following days! dragon (apparently Quartz)
13 Quartz Dragon Your island will look great this New Year's Eve with this free dragon! Tomorrow one of the best Dragons in the game for FREE! dragon (new dragon)
14 Ace Dragon Happy New Year! Start the year well with the awesome ACE DRAGON! 88000 Food
15 88000 Food gon You'll need to feed your dragons! Here's a little help! 1000000 Gold
16 1000000 Gold Bar Icon No room in your habitats for a new dragon? Build or update! Here's some gold for you! 90900 Food
17 90900 Food gon More food for you! The following day will be wonGEMful! 5 Gems
18 5 Gem template A free gem for you! Come back tomorrow for more! 5 Gems
19 5 Gem template Another gem for you! We'll give you more if you keep coming back to the Winter Calendar! 7 Gems
20 7 Gem template Free gem! Come back tomorrow for another Winter Calender gift! 7 Gems
21 7 Gem template We can't stop giving you gemas! Here's another one! 7 Gems
22 7 Gem template Here you are: there's was a gem waiting for you! Come back tomorrow for food! 90900 Food
23 90900 Food gon Time to feed your dragons! Here's some food! Come back tomorrow to get the last present! 95300 Food
24 953000 Food gon END OF EVENT -


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