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is the blimp or "air torpedo" which is rode by Nefus, to help you by giving you a little bit of Gold Gold Bar Icon or Food Food gon and Exp Xp template. Only your friends or neighbors can send this to your island by assisting.

Zeppelin is a animation related to Visit-assist other contacts playing the game, a  feature in-game you can acces through the "Visit" button, that is visible when you click on any contact's tab you have on game screen. Used to show in the visited/assited's screen what buildings the visitor-sender choosed and targeted to aid. 

There is no user's control on how many gold, food or experience is giften, nor that is taken from sender's resources.

Steps for Sending a Zeppelin -

1- Click Visit in the one of the Contacts showed on low main screen to visit their island  and select the buildings you want to assist. (send the Zeppelin)

2- When you visit his/her city you will see this image

Assist icon
shown below when you hover your pointer on the buildings/habitat ,etc.

3- Click on any building/habitat you want and the Zeppelin will be sent to that person.

4- When he/she opens his/her Dragon City, a Zeppelin which has been sent appears on the island.


-  When click on Farms, you gift Food gon and EXP; when you click on Habitats you will give Gold Bar Icon and EXP.

-  You can gift your friends once per day, and can select up to 5 buildings for each one.

-  Only those who receive and accept the gift can see the zeppelin animation.

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